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Michigan firefighters helping with fires out west

Flickr User Matt Katzenberger

The heat sweeping the nation is taking its toll on a number of states. Forest fires are having an impact out west. More than a dozen Michigan firefighters have travelled to the west coast to join the fire fight.


California, Oregon, and Washington are among the states facing the flames. A fire in California has burned more than 100-thousand acres and killed six people, and it’s still burning.

Officials said Michigan doesn’t send too many firefighters out of state to ensure there are plenty in case of fires here.

Paul Rogers is a fire prevention specialist with the Department of Natural Resources. He said firefighters are sent to other states all the time.

“Even in the winter time we’re sending people to other states. We do have mutual aid agreements with all the other states and through that we are fully reimbursed for our expenses of sending the firefighters out there.”

Rogers said these scenarios provide good practice for Michigan firefighters who may not see as much action as they would out west.

He said high temperatures and high winds are likely responsible for the intense fire activity.

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