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Man creates dog identification app

Flickr User James Willock

A Michigan man has created an app that allows people to identify dog breeds.


Called Doggzam, the app allows you to take a picture of a dog and the app is said to identify the breed.

The app is similar in concept to another called Shazam, which listens to songs and identifies the artist and title.

Elderied McKinney is the founder of Doggzam. He said his daughter was his inspiration.

“She has like a really big curiosity when it comes to animals and she always likes to ask ‘dad what type of dog is that’ whenever we see a dog. So I thought it would be cool to create something so I started creating Doggzam to be able to use on dogs and identify dog breeds.”

McKinney said the app uses machine learning technology to identify what type of dog it’s seeing.

He said he’s working on updates for the fall including more customization of the app, additional breeds, and a function that can more accurately identify mixed breeds.