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Mid-Michigan cities receive funding for recreation projects

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Dow Corning is awarding three mid-Michigan cities funding for recreational projects.

The Saginaw, Midland, and Bay Area Community Foundations each received a million dollars in funding.

Each city is using its first 100-thousand on park improvements and other recreational projects.

Sharon Mortensen is President and CEO at the Midland Area Community Foundation.

“The idea is that we’ll spend this for multiple projects over the next five years, so roughly then we’re looking at around 200-thousand dollars a year depending on what projects come our way.”

Mortensen said among the projects planned this year: Midland will build a multigenerational playground. Saginaw is building a canoe and kayak launch and  Bay City will develop a handicap-accessible playplace.

Projects in all three locations are expected to be complete in 2019.