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Annual meeting discusses current cancer research practices

Flickr User Steve Davis

A recent annual meeting of more than 30-thousand oncologists sheds light on a number of cancer research topics.

Blood testing for early detection of certain cancers, and treatment disparities in men and women were some of the topics covered at the meeting.

Dr. John Heymach is with the American Society of Clinical Oncology and expert of Thoracic Head and Neck Medical Oncology. He said the research points to an overall advancement in cancer studies.

“The major theme that has emerged is therapy is becoming not only more effective for cancer patients but much more personalized, so there have been some major scientific breakthroughs in the last several years that are now letting us tailor therapy’s just for the patients who need it and sparing patients who don’t need it.”

Heymach said geriatric surveys were discussed and how they can provide more meaningful and effective communication between doctors and older patients.

He said blood testing is receiving a closer look, so patients can be tested for multiple cancers at once.

More information on the research and the meeting is at the ASCO website.