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Emmet County recycling award goes to 47 year long recycler

Flickr User Tom Magliery

While Michigan may not be a world leader in terms of recycling, some counties, particularly Emmet, are working to change that.


Emmet County gives an award each year for recycling efforts. This year the award went to the Grain Train in Petoskey.

Kate Melby is the communications coordinator for Emmet County Recycling. She said the county seeks out organizations that go above and beyond.

“I’ve been doing these awards for 16 years, and every year I write up a story about the winner and it has never been so complicated as it was for the Grain Train because they do so many different things with regard to recycling. Of course like many businesses in our area they recycle cardboard they recycle plastic film.”

Melby said past winners had similar recycling practices. She said the Grain Train won this year is because they’ve kept up their recycling habits for the last 47 years.

A full list of winners is at the Emmet County Recycling website.