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Warm weather is back, but so are mosquitoes

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There were a lot of people waiting for the warm up we’re seeing right now.  And it wasn’t just people who were waiting… So were mosquitoes. We will soon be slapping at the bugs and, maybe, wishing it was cold again.

The people who work to kill the bugs for municipalities say mosquitoes hibernate and breed in water environments all winter.

They say, long winters don’t hurt mosquitoes and the late spring simply delayed their arrival.

Bill Stanuszek [Stah-NUH-zik] is the director of the Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commision.

“They’re ready to go as this weather warms up,” he said. “Cold weather, they’ve been there for many generations, and evolved to handle that pretty well.”

He said they have to wait for the larvae to be in their feeding stage to apply the larvicide.

“You want the larvae to be developing to a point. It gets to a point where they go through a complete metamorphosis,” he said. “When they go into that stage, they feed, because it needs to be ingested.”

Stanuszek said his pilots are gearing up to begin spreading the larvicide, hopefully, early this week.