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Second wave of influenza moving through northern Michigan

Flickr User Andres Rueda

While the peak of flu season is behind us, health officials say there is still a wave of the flu virus moving through the state.

Health officials said it’s been a moderately severe flu season. The season has been abnormally long this year, and now a second wave of influenza B is moving through Michigan.

Joshua Meyerson is the Medical Director for the Health Department of Northwest Michigan.

“I wouldn’t say it’s normal that we see this persistent length of time, but to see an increase in influenza B predominance late in the flu season is pretty typical where you see kind of predominant A strains and then as the A strains decrease you’ll start seeing an increase in the number of B strains later in the season.”

Meyerson said the B strain is generally less harmful than A, but people should still take precautions to avoid the virus.

He said getting vaccinated and washing your hands are simple ways to dodge the flu.