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Camp in Bay County to get sensory room for campers with autism

Camp Fish Tales

A camp in Bay County is currently constructing a sensory room for campers with autism.

The idea for the 16 by 24 foot cabin was hatched some six months ago. The room provides sensory objects including noise cancelling headphones, swings that spin, and balls of different weights, sizes, and textures, all within a safe environment.

Karl Ieuter is the chair of Camp Fish Tales board. He said this is the first addition to the camp geared towards people with autism.

“Camp Fish Tales serves all types of disabilities so we have a lot of different things for different types of disabilities but this is the first thing that’s specific just for campers with autistic issues.”

Ieuter said new environments can be stressful for people with autism. The sensory room is intended to help them relax and adjust to camp.

The cabin is expected to be complete in early May.