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People urged to stay off Saginaw Bay due to weakening ice

Flickr User Ben Gordon

The Coast Guard is urging people, particularly ice fishers, to stay off Saginaw Bay due to thin ice.

More than ten distress situations have occurred on the bay so far in 2018. Two people have died after falling through the ice.

Vanessa Scasny is with the Coast Guard. She strongly urges people to simply stay off the ice, however there are tips for those who venture out anyway.

“Be as prepared as you can be and expect to fall in that way you’re prepared for anything that could happen. With that key things are if you can have a dry suit or a suit that floats so that way you’re not sinking in the water because you’re going to be significantly cold.”

Scasny said ice picks and screw drivers can be used to stab ice and climb out. She said it can also be helpful to let people know how long you plan to be out so they can call for help if you don’t return home.

The DNR has issued a deadline for all fishing shanties to be off the ice by March first.