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Prediction of Rainfall and Ice for Parts of Michigan

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Some of our listeners could see some flooding while others may receive ice this week.


Meteorologists are predicting Mid-Michigan will receive heavy rainfall into Wednesday morning.

Meteorologists advise rivers should be monitored for flooding, which could reach yards or seep into basements.

Nathan Jeruzal (jeh-ROO-zal) is a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids.

“We’re expecting a good deal of rain, waves of rain, coming through, starting this afternoon. And then going through probably early wednesday morning, prior to day break,” Jeruzal said. “The heavier rain will probably stay just south of Isabella/Mount Pleasant area but we’re expecting decent amount of rain. Generally, 1-2 inches is a good bet.”

He said water levels around the Chippewa River may rise due to the weather.

“Right now, for people up in Isabella County, they should monitor the situation. I’m looking at the trace of the Chippewa River, in Mount Pleasant, and it’s expected to crest just below minor flood stage,” Jeruzal said. “What could happen is, people could get waters in their basement. People in areas near the river can see water on their yards if they’re right along the river.”

The rain is predicted to clear out by Wednesday morning, but may return for the weekend.

Meteorologists also predict Northern Michigan and parts of the Upper Peninsula will see ice on the roads this week.

Mike Kurz is a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Gaylord.

“Freezing rain is looking likely across a portion of Northern Michigan area that we forecast for. It’s a tricky forecast because models are kind of showing a widespread of where the freezing line is going to end up,” he said. “Right now it’s looking like most of eastern upper michigan and as well as the tip of the mitt area, will see the highest likelihood of ice from freezing rain.”

Kurz said ice accumulations of a quarter inch to half-an-inch are possible.

“Folks up there at the tip of the mitt area and the Eastern UP where the most significant ice accumulation is possible, should prepare, definitely anticipate the slippery roads possible, travels could be hazardous,” he said. “There could also be, if enough ice accumulates in the trees, there could also be branches that come down and potential scattered power outages as well.”


The prediction overall is almost a 100 percent chance for mixed precipitation until Wednesday.

Kurz also suggests staying off the roads if possible as travel conditions worsen later today into Wednesday.