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Critical Report on Sleep-Related Deaths

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For the first time, state health officials are releasing a comprehensive report on sleep-related infant deaths.

According to the report from the state Department of Health and Human Services, 871 babies died in Michigan between 2010 and 2015.

Lynn Sutfin is a spokesperson for the department.

“Our infant mortality rate is higher than the national average.. So obviously, sleep related infant deaths is a major contributor to that.”

The state’s infant mortality rate is at 6.8 deaths per one-thousand live births, a whole percentage point higher than the national average.

The report also named four goals for the state to aim for.

One of them is to identify key areas caregivers can improve on to ensure safer sleep.

Another goal involves educating parents and families about safe sleep practices.

“Parents and caregivers are key to this. Sleep related infant deaths involve unsafe sleep environments. That includes soft bedding, stuff in the crib such as toys or blankets, an infant sleeping in an adult couch or sofa chair, or an infant sleeping with another adult or child.”

This is the first time the state has released such a report.

"This document is being shared between practitioners, community based groups, doctors, and parents because parents and caregivers are key to this. Sleep related infant deaths involve unsafe sleep environments.”

The report also outlined several goals, including increasing knowledge of best practices for safe infant sleep.

The report also contained information on things like the state’s infant mortality rate, and tips for creating a safe sleep environment.

For the whole copy of the report: