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Study shows worry over future of healthcare is a leading cause of stress

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A recent study shows that a person’s overarching concern for the future of the nation can induce as much stress as more personal issues like money and work.

When respondents were asked what specifically stresses them out in regards to the future of the US, the number one answer was the future of healthcare.

Researchers said two thirds of those surveyed said the cost of health insurance is a cause of stress for them, and this was true for people of all income levels.

Dr. Vaile Wright is Director of Research and Special Projects at the American Psychological Association which conducted the survey.

“It’s when stress becomes chronic and unmanaged and there’s no release from it that it can lead to significant physical and mental health problems such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity, insomnia, as well as anxiety and depression.”

Dr. Wright said people who live in urban areas reported higher levels of healthcare-related stress.

She said exercise, meditation, and getting enough sleep are all ways to help reduce stress.