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Pet owners reminded to keep pets safe during cold weather

Flickr User Tom Driggers

With harsh cold weather moving through the state, pet owners are being reminded to keep their pets safe outdoors.


The Michigan Humane Society received just under 19-hundred complaints last year about pets, particularly dogs, not having enough food, water, or - in cold weather - especially shelter.

Shaun Bailey is a spokesperson for the group.

“We get a big spike in calls everytime we get a major cold front like this sweeping through the region, and unfortunately that does include animals that have frozen to death.”

Bailey said in cold weather it’s best to keep pets indoors.

However, he said if that’s not an option, animals need a shelter that is raised off the ground with a slanted roof, insulated walls, packed with straw, and facing away from the prevailing winds.

Bailey said owners who leave pets outside in cold weather without proper shelter could be charged with a misdemeanor.