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Elk in Presque Isle county pose a threat to drivers

Flickr User Matt Millard

Rural Michigan drivers are accustomed to seeing deer crossing signs, but in Presque Isle county motorists are being cautioned to watch out for a herd of elk.


M-33 between Onaway and Atlanta near the Four Mile Road intersection has been the location of multiple crashes involving elk. Three elk have died in the accidents.

James Lake is a spokesman for MDOT’s north region. He said the accidents have happened over the last two weeks.

“There is a herd of about 20 animals that are living on one side of M-33 and traveling across the highway for food sources. So there’s the potential for them to be crossing the road in front of traffic we made the decision to put up some signs warning motorists that they might see elk and hopefully they’ll take appropriate caution.”

Lake said the area typically has one or two elk-related crashes a year. Already this year they’ve seen five.

He said the herd is expected to remain in the area for the foreseeable future.