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Addiction assistance program expands to all 30 state police posts

Flickr user U.S. Army

Michigan is the first state in the country to offer an addiction assistance program at every state police post.

It’s called, The Angel Program.

The Angel Program helps people struggling with any drug addiction find a treatment facility, without the fear of criminal charges.

Kevin Caldwell is the Commander for Prevention Services with the Michigan State Police. He says the program was first launched in Michigan in 2016 and has since helped 38 people seek treatment.

“So, we started in Gaylord and then we moved to the upper peninsula. Then we moved our way down the state, through Flint, through the west side, through south central Michigan, through the thumb area and just now into the metro Detroit and our metro north post is are two most recent to open”.

Caldwell says to increase the success of the program the state is looking to break down the fear that people who are addicted may have of law enforcement agencies.