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Isle Royale could be down to its last wolf

Flickr User Mark Kent

Trail camera footage at Isle Royale National Park shows that the island could be down to its last wolf.


The wolf population on the island has been dwindling over the last several years due to inbreeding.

February was the last time two wolves were seen, since then only one has been identified on the trail cam footage.

Mark Romanski is the division chief for natural resources at Isle Royale National Park.

“The camera survey didn’t pick up that wolf but that just means that the camera survey didn’t pick up a second wolf it doesn’t mean that wolf is not there.”

Romanski said the wolf population on Isle Royale has been in decline, likely due to years of inbreeding.  The park service released a draft plan a year ago with four proposals to reintroduce wolves to the island. Officials are reviewing the options now in advance of a final decision.