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Bill package would provide support to survivors of domestic abuse

Christopher Dannung

A package of bills in the state house would offer increased protections for survivors of domestic abuse.

The bills include language ensuring survivors get paid sick leave, can’t be evicted from their homes, and can collect unemployment if they lose their jobs because of stalking or abuse. And it prohibits abusers with personal protection orders against them from possessing firearms.

Democratic Representative Kristy Pagan is one of the bill sponsors. She said the package was created by the Progressive Women’s Caucus.

“So we have introduced a support for survivors bill package that address the direct needs and support for individuals who have been impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.”

Representative Pagan said it’s important for the state to protect and support survivors of abuse.

“We want to make sure that employers are offering sick leave and that if you are terminated from your job because you have to go to court or because maybe you physically can just not make it to work that you’ll be able to collect unemployment benefits because currently that is not the case.”

The bills are currently awaiting a hearing but Pagan said she is hopeful they will move quickly through the House.