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Demand for propane, natural gas, and electricity expected to rise this winter

Flickr User jasonwoodhead23

State energy experts projects demand for propane, natural gas, and electricity will be higher this winter than the last few.

More than three-quarters of Michigan homeowners use natural gas to heat their homes. The cost is expected to stay fairly stable, but families who use propane or heating oil could see higher prices.

Nick Assendelft is the spokesperson for the Michigan Agency for Energy. He said the last few winters have been a little warmer than usual.

“Expectations are this winter is going to be a little closer to normal so that’s going to mean colder temperatures and going to mean people are turning up their heat a little bit more and consequently they’ll be using a little bit more natural gas if they heat with natural gas or propane if you heat with propane.”

Assendelft said there are a number of ways to reduce energy waste like keeping an eye on drafty windows, and making sure doors are closed, and furnaces are running properly.

More tips on how to reduce energy costs can be found here.