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Park in northern Michigan receives international recognition.


The Headlands International Dark Sky Park has received international recognition, being named the first ever Dark Sky Place of the year.


This year marks the 29th anniversary of the International Dark Sky Association. In anticipation of the 30 year anniversary, a new award was established.

27 parks worldwide were eligible for the recognition.

Mary Stewart Adams is the Program Director for Headlands International Dark Sky Park.

“They chose Headlands as the International Dark Sky Place of the year. There are other really remarkable parks included in that eligible phase, so it’s really really remarkable that they chose us and they singled us out because of the number and the diversity of our programs.”

Stewart Adams said they have different programs based on what the sky has to offer at the time. This includes programs for meteor showers, northern lights, full moons, and eclipses.

When Headlands became a designated Dark Sky park, it was the 9th in the world. Now there are 56.