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SVSU event looks at long term impacts of domestic violence


Saginaw Valley State University will host a lecture Wednesday evening on the long-term impacts of domestic violence on children.

The lecture will be conducted by Dr. Stephen Guertin, Medical Director at Sparrow Regional Children’s Center. Dr. Guertin said domestic abuse has measurable impacts on how children develop into adults.

“Much higher instance of drug abuse or use, much higher instance of depression, and then physically of course kids who go on to make poor choices regarding sexual behavior, regarding drug abuse, regarding maintenance or ability to care for their long-term illnesses.”

Dr. Guertin said he wants to increase awareness about the impacts of domestic abuse on early childhood development.

“The same way you screen for diabetes or a headache or asthma I think you should be screening for domestic violence. I  don’t think it’s something that should be hidden, something that you’re afraid to talk about as a doctor. What I’m trying to get at is domestic abuse is a kind of abuse that can last for a lifetime.”

Dr. Guertin said early intervention is essential, and he hopes he can get more people talking about domestic violence.

He is scheduled to speak on the campus of Saginaw Valley State University in the Ott Auditorium Wednesday at 6:30 pm.