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On Thursday, Americans are asked to “Imagine a Day Without Water”

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The average American family of four uses up to 300 gallons of water a day.


A nationwide campaign taking place Thursday is aimed at thinking about life without water.




“Imagine a Day Without Water” is sponsored by the Value of Water Campaign.


Malcolm Fox is with the City of Mount Pleasant Water Department.


He said the day is meant to reflect on water usage.


“Without that in your life you’d have pretty tough time getting by I think. Everyday you use water, when you get up in the morning you use water, when you’re at work you use water, and when you're not using water there's water there to protect you if there’s a fire.”


Fox said the Flint water crisis showed how access to clean water can be taken for granted.


“It’s important to help support the people who are operating the infrastructure and make sure it's funded correctly and properly to ensure its going to be there tomorrow. We take it for granted because A lot of the water infrastructure we use was built decades and decades ago.”


The American Water Works Association says the average age of the nation’s water pipes is 47 years. That infrastructure can be 75 years or older in large cities.