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93-pound Petoskey Stone removed from Lake Michigan to be on display in Detroit

Photo by AP

A 93-pound Petoskey Stone illegally removed from Lake Michigan in 2015 is getting a new home.


The state stone was found by a Manistee County man in Leelanau County.




State conservation officers seized the stone from him shortly after.


Ron Olson is the Chief of Parks and Recreation for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.


“It’s probably bigger than maybe two bowling balls, or maybe a bowling ball and a half to give you a rough idea. It was in our evidence room with our conservation officers for quite some time ever since it was confiscated.”


State law makes it illegal to remove over 25-pounds of stone from the Great Lakes.


“We decided that we wanted to find an appropriate place for it because it’s a specimen of our state rock, and so we decided one visible place that a lot of people would see it and learn about it would be our new Outdoor Adventure Center in Detroit which gets well over 100,000 visitors a year now.”


Olson said the stone will be available for the public to see in November.