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Michigan reached record temperatures last month

Flickr User Mali Unaba

Michigan reached record high temperatures throughout the month of September, and it likely won’t stop there.


October is kicking off with warm temperatures, with highs already reaching low 80’s.

Scott Rozanski is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Gaylord.

“The month started out fairly typical, if not slightly below normal, and then all of a sudden as we headed into the second week of the month and really to end up the month of September we had some really warm periods in there. As a matter of fact places like Houghton Lake had record high temperatures three days in a row.”

Rozanski said cold fronts will move through the state, but overall it’s expected to stay relatively warm and mild even through November. He says it will likely start to cool off around Thanksgiving.

“Fairly unusual to have temperatures that warm in the latter half of September. Now normal highs for that time of year would be generally somewhere around the mid 60’s but not uncommon for us to see highs reach the 90’s maybe early September but as we head into the third week of September generally speaking our records would not normally be in the 90’s.”

Rozanski said it looks like December will be pretty cold and snowy.