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Public hearings set for Army Corps study on asian carp

Kate Gardiner

The Army Corps of Engineers has announced three public hearings to discuss its plan for stopping asian carp from making their way into the Great Lakes.

The Corps’ plan has been estimated to carry a 275 million dollar price tag, and includes plans for a variety of anti-carp barriers including electric and sound.

Allen Marshall is a spokesperson for the Army Corps of Engineers. He said informing the public is part of the plan’s requirements.

“That’s what we’re going to do. We’ll have our subject experts at this meetings to give a presentation and lay out the basics of the tentatively selected plan that’s in the study report and then the public will have the opportunity to provide comment.”

Marshall said people who can’t make it to the meetings can comment online.

“Right now the public comment period is open, it’s been open for a couple weeks now and it’s gunna run at least through October second.”

Marshall said public comment periods are an essential part of the study process.

“It’s very important to the Corps of Engineers to have that feedback and feel like we’ve informed the public.”

The public hearings are scheduled in  Chicago, Muskegon, and Joliet and will include presentations on the study.

The first hearing will be held in Chicago on September 11th.

The study still has a long road ahead of it, Marshall said between in-house reviews and a pending report by the chief engineer,  he doesn’t expect it will be finished until 2019.

Those wanting to comment can visit: