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Michigan should be unaffected by Harvey

Flickr User NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Hurricane Harvey has swamped the southern U.S., but surprisingly Michigan should remain completely unaffected.

Often times after a hurricane hits, the aftermath curls through the country and sweeps through Michigan. But meteorologist Matt Gillen said Harvey will be getting some push-back.

You know later this week, we’re going to have a large area of high pressure move down over the Great Lakes and it’s going to arrive from Canada and that’s actually going to keep the moisture heading northwards from Harvey well to our south, over southern Illinois, Missouri, into the Ohio Valley later this week into the weekend.  While many areas, and certainly in Texas, they’re dealing with widespread flooding, any of that weather isn’t expected to arrive into northern Michigan at all.

According to a New York Times interactive map, Houston received more rain in the last few days, than Michigan does in more than a year.

A link to the interactive map can be found by clicking here.