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State launches new wildlife reporting app

Flickr user Erik Levin

A new app has been launched by the state for people to report fish and wildlife observations. It's called ‘Eyes in the Field’.

The new website replaces 15 reporting sites previously used by the state.

Tom Weston is the Chief technology officer for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. He says now, whether you’re reporting sightings of a rattlesnake, or wild turkeys, or reporting a diseased deer,  it can all be done on the same site.

“It was cumbersome in the past. Our website is rather large. And it was sometimes hard to find the actual sites to report information. So the goal with Eyes in the Field is make it as you said, one stop shopping to let us know what's going on out there”.

Weston says not only is the new site easier to use it also saves the state money.

“The cost to maintain multiple websites is a factor. Getting off the older technology, reducing the number of websites. Building current technology on one site makes it easier for us to maintain over a period of time. This was developed by the State of Michigan Department of Technology Management and Budget”.

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