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Fitness camp open in Gaylord aims to raise veteran suicide awareness

Flickr User Fort Rucker

A fitness camp that recently opened in Gaylord aims to raise veteran suicide awareness.


Called the Fit Body Boot Camp, it’s partnered with 22-2-None, an organization that works to raise awareness of veteran suicide.

Jason Mathias is the owner of the fitness camp.

“Somebody had tagged me a challenge to do 22 pushups, and so I kind of did some research into the topic and a startling statistic that’s out there is average of 22 veterans a day take their own lives and once I heard that it just kind of shook us to our core and just to think that happens 22 times a day on average.”

He said the camp has been open for a few months now, but a grand opening ceremony is being held this weekend to celebrate the new establishment.

“So we’re going to have a grand opening and our brothers and sisters from 22-2-None are going to be here on site as well to help kind of spread the work a little further and we’re going to have giveaways we have some partner businesses are going to attend and they’re going to do some giveaways as well. So all the proceeds from tomorrow grand opening are also going to 22-2-None.”

Mathias said after every session at the fitness camp everyone does 22 pushups and some post it to social media to help spread the word.