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Environmental groups speak out on last day of public comment on Line 5 pipeline


Thursday was the last day for public comment on the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline’s request for a use permit.


Environmental groups say the state should not allow the pipeline to remain in operation.


The group Oil and Water Don’t Mix said the state should hold public hearings on the pipeline.


David Holtz is the coordinator of the group.


“More than 23,000 Michiganders have submitted comments, amplifying their distrust of Enbridge, and calling on the state to not give Enbridge a blank check permit that would squeeze more life out of these aging pipelines on the Straits of Mackinac.”


The state released their study on the alternatives of the pipeline.


Holtz said he wants the state to continue conducting a risk analysis of the pipeline. That study was shelved after a conflict of interest.


The group For the Love of Water, or FLOWsaid the state should hold public hearings on the pipeline.


Liz Kirkwood is the executive director of FLOW.


“We call on the state of Michigan to shut down line 5’s oil flow and hold a public hearing while studying the impacts, risks, and alternatives of continuing to allow Enbridge to use the Great Lakes as a high risk shortcut to private profits.”


Leonard Page is the with the Straits Area Concerned Citizens for Peace, “If a new pipeline would not be approved today, why permit a 64-year old Line 5 to stay in operation at all?” Page is referring to a comment made by Attorney General Bill Schuette, when asked whether the pipeline would have been approved today.



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