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Paddle boarders to take 90 mile trip across Lake Huron

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Three paddle boarders plan to embark on a 90 mile journey across northern Lake Huron Sunday.

The trip is meant to bring awareness to the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the country’s only fresh water marine sanctuary.


Stephanie Gandulla is the Media Coordinator for the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. She suggested the Lake Huron trip to the paddlers.


“I didn’t have any idea what they would think or if they’d say no 90 miles is too far, and they loved the idea and decided to cross Lake Huron from Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary waters so from the shores of Alpena all the way to Canada.”


Kwin Morris is one of the paddlers making to expedition. He said a similar trip the group made across Lake Michigan in 2015 was amazing.

“So we had, you know northern lights came out, we had amazing stars, sunset, sunrise. It was 60 miles, it took us 24 hours.”


This year’s trip will take the paddlers through the protected waters of the Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary.


The expedition is expected to take 28 to 35 hours to complete. As long as weather cooperates, the group is scheduled to hit the water Sunday.


More information on the trip can be found on the Stand up for the Great Lakes website.