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Heatwave could hit northern Michigan as soon as Sunday

Flickr user Harry Bosch

Meteorologists said Michigan is in for a reversal of fortunes, weather-wise, over the next ten days. Heat moving in from Canada is expected to warm the state beginning Sunday. The warmest temperatures are expected in northern lower Michigan and in the UP. Southern parts of the state will be a bit cooler.


Jim Keysor is the Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Gaylord. He said Northern Michigan temperatures could flip head over heels from our current below average temps now, to well into the 80’s by this time next week.


“I really wouldn't be surprised if we get a few areas possibly pushing close to 90, at least on a couple of those days. So this is going to be some hot weather. Definitely if you can bear the somewhat chilly waters, a beach day, or a boating day, or something like that. Definitely some summery weather”.


Keysor said a rule of thumb is: every heat wave throughout the summer is a couple degrees hotter than the last and since we’re starting near the 90’s, we could be in for a scorching summer.


“We’ve had some hot summers before. We’ve not had a lot of them recently. We’ve not had a lot of those hot summers. So, this could certainly be setting up to be a warmer than normal summer and a summer where you definitely want to be close to some water or an air conditioner”.


Keysor said if you don’t like hot weather, the good news is the heat wave should be short lived.