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CMU students plan to “escalate” protests over in-person classes

Emily Jones
Banner from August when posters were placed on campus calling for an end to face to face instruction

A group of Central Michigan University students says they will “escalate” protests against the administration’s decision to hold in-person classes.

Students have been calling for the end to in-person classes since before the university first reported a COVID outbreak on campus.

As of Friday, the local health department was reporting 281 cases connected to the return to school. CMU is reporting 199 cases directly on-campus. Those cases date back to July 15th.

Emily Jones is with the Not Fired Up For Fall campaign. She said even though cases have leveled off her group still believes ending in-person classes is the best option.

“I think our biggest concern is that none of this is linear. COVID is very unpredictable. We still believe the best solution for the university and students is to be online only.”

Jones said her group will continue to put pressure on the University.

“There’s really so many unknowns with COVID. This is something we’ve been working on since July and with campaigns like this it’s really important for us to continue escalation and continue pushing our message.”

Jones said the group is planning a protest for Friday.

Officials with the University did not respond to our request to comment.