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Michigan Early College Programs increased by 101%

Jacob Roeland|

More students in Michigan could be graduating high school with a diploma and an associates degree in hand. Officials said the number of students enrolled in early college programs have doubled over the past four years. 


Early college is a five year program that allows students to take college level courses while still in high school. In the end, they students graduate high school with a diploma and an associates degree.


Michigan Department of Education Early College Consultant, Lisa Seigel, said one of the benefits of these programs is the money students save on tuition. 


“The student could potentially exit a five-year high school program with a high school diploma and an associates degree at no cost or little cost to the student and the family.”


Seigel says the number of early college programs in Michigan has increased by 112%. Four years ago, 67 schools offered programs. This year 142 schools offer them. 


She said this year more than 13,000 students took part in the program, a 101% increase from the 2014-2015 school year.