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Wayne State University to offer free tuition

Flickr User Wayne State University Dean of Students Office

Wayne State University is offering free college tuition to Detroit high-school graduates.

The university’s “Heart of Detroit Tuition Pledge” covers students coming in as first-time freshmen beginning in the fall of 2020. The program applies to graduates from ANY high school… public or private… so long as they are residents of Detroit. Governor Gretchen Whitmer supports the program. She says Michigan needs to reduce the cost of college to build a better workforce.

“We’ve got too few people with the skills we need to fill jobs that are currently going unfilled, much less what we see in terms of growth in our economy and where we want investment to come into Michigan. We have a skills gap and part of that is because higher education is too darn expensive.”

Wayne State University’s “Heart of Detroit Tuition Pledge” only covers students who have applied for federal student aid. The university will cover the remaining cost of tuition.