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Petoskey Area Schools receives 50K for Farm to School Program

Sander Sloots|

Money is headed to Petoskey Schools to provide farm fresh meals to students. Officials say the $48,750 will help expand the farm to school program to kids in grades K through 12. 


Petoskey Public Schools use a farm to school program to provide students with fresh, locally sourced meals during the school day. 


Officials said the farm to school program in Petoskey has helped introduce kids to healthy eating habits that will stay with them as they grow. The program has also helped put money back into the local community and nearby farms.


Petoskey is partnering with the Health Department of Northwest Michigan and Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities to work on expanding the program.


Health Department employee, Lynne DeMoor, said the grant will help them expand their healthy eating programs to older students.


“There are 7 schools in the public schools of Petoskey school district. And most of our initiatives have been in the elementary schools so we are really looking forward to expanding it to our middle and high schools.”


DeMoor said expanding the farm to school program may help bring down overall costs for the districts school lunch programs.