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GenAlpha 101: How to teach the newest generation

Kentucky Country Day

They’re known as ‘Gen Alpha’. The first of America’s newest generation is entering elementary school, and researchers are already guessing how they will revolutionize the classroom.

Steve Keene has more…




Gen Alpha is more diverse in race and family dynamic than any previous generation. They were were born the same year the iPad was introduced and their technological prowess sometimes leads them to be labelled as ‘Generation Glass’.

So how will educators begin to work with a population that’s radically different from previous students?

Dr. Valora Washington is the CEO of the D.C.-based Council of Professional Recognition. She said the solution is often overlooked and underfunded.

“One thing we know from research is that early childhood education has a long-term impact on someone’s life trajectory. This has been demonstrated in research over and over again. It impacts your education, your economic future, your social future, whether or not you’re gonna get in trouble at school - so many aspects of life are related to the quality of early childhood education that you had.”

According to the National Institute for Early Education Research, Michigan ranks 15th in the country for pre-K access funding.

I’m Steve Keene, WCMU News.