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Deadline for free tuition approaching for eligible high school graduates

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Students on medicaid who graduated this year are eligible to receive free tuition, but the deadline to qualify is coming quickly.


The Tuition Incentive Program is meant to incentivise students to not only finish high school, but attend college.

Students with medicaid eligibility are notified as early as nine years old that if they complete high school they will have their first two years of community college paid for.

Ann Wohlfert is the deputy state treasurer for state and local finance. She said students have to get certified to receive the assistance.

“That’s just a simple matter of letting us know that they do want to use their TIP benefits, what school they plan on going to and some other information that helps us figure out where they are so we can make payments for them.”

Wohlfert said there are roughly 22-thousand students in the state currently getting their post-secondary education paid for.

She said students with medicaid eligibility who graduated high school in the spring have until August 31 to become certified. After that they have four years to use the assistance.


If you're eligible to get certified, click here.