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CMU Announces 15th President

Steve Jessmore

Central Michigan University today named its 15th University president at a press conference in the Charles V. Park University Library.

Students and faculty crowded an auditorium to hear the Board of Trustees announce that Robert O. Davies will succeed George E. Ross as President.

Board Chair Bill Wiedeman noted Davies’ commitment to students, faculty, and inclusivity.

“He has extensive experience in fundraising, he engages with committees, business leaders, and alumni, and he interacts frequently with government leaders.”

Trustee Tricia Keith, who led the search advisory committee, said Davies is a longtime member of academic communities.

“Dr. Davies grew up in a University family. His parents were both University educators and Administrators. We really felt that that connection that he would bring with University Faculty, who are such important stakeholders in the Institution, were really key for us here.”

Davies said he would help maintain CMU enrollment by following the strategic plan laid out by George Ross.

Davies says he’s a student-focused leader, and while coming to the conference ran into a student.

“I said do you have any suggestion to a new president coming in? The new ideas to move forward on? She said just keep one thing in mind: FIRE UP CHIPS”

Davies is the former president of both Murray State University in Kentucky and Eastern Oregon University.

He has a wife, Cindy, and daughter, Katie, who will be a high school senior in the fall.

Davies will begin his tenure on September 1st.