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Team of five moms running for Traverse City school board

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A team of five moms is among eleven candidates vying for school board seats in northern Michigan’s largest school district.



The group calls themselves “TEAM5TCAPS. The woman say they have two things in common: one - children or grandchildren that attend Traverse City Area Public Schools and two - a mission to bring the public back to the school board.


Retired elementary school teacher Rhonda Busch is one of the five. The others include a federal white- collar crime investigator, a pharmaceutical sales rep and a university professor. Busch said they come from different backgrounds, but have a shared vision.


“We consider ourselves five independent thinkers from different perspectives that have that shared same vision. We want Traverse City to be at the top of the charts in the United States. Average is not good enough for our children here in Traverse City.”

The first order of business if elected? Busch says they will work to establish better communication between the school board and school administrations.

The five are among eleven candidates running for five vacant school board seats in November. The others are:


Matt Anderson

Pamela Forton

Patricia Henkel

Melissa Hogan

M. Sue Kelly

Cathy Meyer-Looze

Erica Moon Mohr

Deyar Jamil

Jeff Leonhardt

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