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Staying safe on motorcycles this summer

Flickr User Ann Althouse

The state is encouraging motorcyclists, whether they’re seasoned bikers or not, to take safe riding courses.


State officials said there are many bikers who aren’t properly endorsed. They said those are the people more likely to be involved in crashes.

Fred Woodhams is the spokesman for the secretary of state's office. He said one in six riders aren’t endorsed and they account for about half of the crashes in Michigan.

“The issue is that people for whatever reason they just don’t want to, don’t take the time, don’t think they need it; they don’t get endorsed, and they start riding and folks who are unendorsed are incredibly disproportionately involved in crashes.”

Woodhams said the state offers beginner courses, returning rider courses, and advanced rider courses.

He said he spoke to a person who took the course six times and said they learned something new every time.

More information on the rider courses is here.