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Poll finds parents are not satisfied with Michigan education

Flickr User Alan Levine

A new poll shows that parents throughout Michigan are concerned about the education their children are receiving.

The poll surveyed a thousand parents of children in traditional and charter public schools.

Researchers with the poll said the concern isn’t with quality of education, but with teaching methods to help students learn  at their own pace.

Ed Sarpolus is the project director for the Your Child campaign for improving education in Michigan.

“They’re more conscious of the fact that how their children learn at school it impacts their ability to be successful in life, whether it’s a career whether it’s a job or whatever they do, and we asked a thousand Michigan parents about their child and education, and about 12 percent of the parents were only willing to say that education is meeting the needs of kids today.”

Sarpolus said 80 percent of parents said their children are not involved or interested in their homework, and more than two-thirds said education is not a top priority in Michigan.  

He said children learn at their own pace and education needs to put more of a focus on individual learning.