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Michigan likely getting last glimpse of summer

Flickr User Mark Jensen

If you’re a big fan of summer… well, enjoy our current weather pattern while it lasts. Cooler conditions could be right around the corner.


As you may have noticed, many parts of the state have been unseasonably warm over the last week, with temperatures over 80 degrees.

And the warmup is expected to continue late this week and into the weekend. Officials with the National Weather Service said temperatures over 80 are expected… and when they come to an end, they likely won’t return until next year.

Mike Kurz is with the weather service.

“For the better part of this summer is seems we’ve been dealing with quite a bit cooler than normal temperatures, especially daytime highs, but now with this recent week the pattern has pretty much reversed itself. And so now we’ve got a lot of warmer than normal air streaming in from the south and that’s giving us kind of a last gasp at summer.”

Kurz said this has happened before and isn’t necessarily abnormal, but it also isn’t typical.

“Climatologically this most likely could be the last big push as we head into the late September early October you know temperatures typically will start to cool down rather quickly so most likely this would probably herald an end to the summer once this streak passes.”

Kurz said he expects temperatures to start moving back down as we move closer to October.