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New literacy program aims at getting parents to read their child “1,000 Books before Kindergarten”.

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A reading program is trying to help parent and kids get into the habit of reading earlier in life.


Called “1,000 Books Before Kindergarten”, the initiative helps parents get on the right track to reading to their child every night, even when their child is an infant.

The goal of the program, as  the name suggests, is to have read at least a thousand books to your child by the time they reach kindergarten. Books can be repeated.

Jessica Luther is the library development coordinator at the Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library, which is introducing thr program locally.

“Thousand Books Before Kindergarten is actually a nationwide initiative that began in Nevada, and we’ve been exploring ways to reach our patrons in the zero to five age range. This particular program is really an easy way to engage both parents and caregivers and their children at the same time.”

Luther said research has shown early reading can help kids become stronger readers later in life, as well as build critical language and social- emotional skills.

“We have a list of suggested books, they can check the books out at the library here or they have books at home that they can use. And the website has also a ton of resources online and activities and things that parents can access.”

Luther said time spent reading can also enhance parent’s literacy.

She said the program has already begun in Alpena and parents and children can start anytime.

Additional resources for the program can be found here.