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The Arnold Freight Company buys out competitor servicing Mackinac Island

Arnold Freight

Arnold Freight, one of two remaining freight companies servicing Mackinac Island, announced this week it has bought out Shepler’s Freight.

The move will not impact the operation of tourist ferries to and from the island. Shepler will still run its passenger operation.

Dan Musser is the Chairman of the Arnold Freight Company. He said Starline will now be their sole competitor with freight transport.

“Starline. We do have one competitor now, Starline. They have some customers but we’ll be the vast majority.”

Musser said the move will “streamline” operations.

“They’re maintaining what they do and what they do great. And we’re going to focus on the freight business, which is important anywhere but particularly if you live on an island.”

Musser declined to comment on how much the merger cost.