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Auto part manufacturer receives grant to create new jobs in mid-Michigan

Cody Scanlan
Central Michigan Life

A $360,000 grant received by Mitsuba in Mount Pleasant will stimulate job growth, building expansion, and new product development.

Global auto part manufacturer, Mitsuba, is looking forward to some new growth in its North American headquarters. The main branch, located in Mount Pleasant, was the recipient of a recent $360,000 grant aimed towards local job growth in the mid-Michigan area.

Kati Mora is the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications for the Middle Michigan Development Corporation. She said the grant is funding many new pathways for the Mount Pleasant branch.

“They will have an actual building expansion that will be happening, in addition to adding some new product that they’ll be developing,” she said, “They’re expecting everything to take place over about a three-year process.”


Mora said the performance-based grant is given out in increments as the company reaches expansion goals. She said the business is excited to create new, local jobs.

“One of the benefits to a grant like this is that it’s really tied to what happens locally,” she said, “So this has allowed for the expansion to take place here in Mount Pleasant, and that’s really exciting because we want to make sure that the jobs are staying here.”

Mora says the grant, paid for by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, is expected to create about 45 new jobs and $13 million in new investment.