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Wedding venue turned recreational marijuana hangout

An old wedding hall near Flint has been turned into a business that allows visitors to openly use marijuana on its premises.

Officials said The Rec Center is a social club for patrons to gather, play video games, and rent pool tables.

The club does not sell marijuana to its customers.

Owner Anna Germain said it’s a unique business that will help customers that aren’t able to smoke at home.

“Well I think it’s important because there are still restrictions on the rights for where people are living,” she said. “They need a place to go to hang out and use their recreational marijuana.”

Germain said customers have to bring in their own recreational marijuana and that her business has no legal issues.

“The township, I don’t really think they understood the business model because they said we need to rezone if we’re changing the use. But we were already a wedding hall,” she said. “Our zoning is for entertainment, there’s no changes. We’re an entertainment business, not a marijuana business.”

Germain said business income comes from food, drinks, third party merchandise, and renting out equipment like pool tables and video games to guests.