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Northern Michigan company to open new foundry

Wil C. Fry | Flickr

Northern Michigan iron manufacturer, EJ, is opening a new foundry in Antrim County. The company plans to make the plant more environmentally friendly while retaining nearly its entire workforce.

Global iron works manufacturer, EJ, is moving forward with a long-term plan to grow business. The Michigan-based company is starting up a new foundry in Antrim County, not far from their original headquarters in Charlevoix County.

Tom Teske is a spokesperson for EJ. He said a key priority for the new plant is to be more environmentally friendly.

“The old East Jordan foundry operated with coal as the fuel, and the new facility is an all electric facility, he said, “So it’s a movement away from carbon-based or fossil fuel based energy sources.”

Teske also said the new foundry is just one step to foster innovation for the company.

“We make a lot of innovative cast-access products, construction products, like manhole framing covers or drainage grates, and this just helps us improve the quality, and it will also help us make more innovative products.”

Teske said a top priority for the company is keeping jobs in Northern Michigan. He said EJ owes much of its success to dedicated employees, and it plans to retain nearly its entire workforce despite the move.