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Hotel gets its original design back on Mackinac Island

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A historic view on Mackinac Island is being restored.


Officials with the Grand Hotel said they are restoring the original roofline design from the 1800s.


Dan Musser III is the president of the Grand Hotel. He said he hopes the restoration will add to the legacy of the island.


“And certaintainly the better product and better foot we can put forward to the travelling public,” he said. “I think represents the Island well so hopefully we’re adding to that.”


Officials said it’s the final part of a five-year project that will result in four more rooms and three parlors.


Musser said the project is a way to honor his great uncle.


“By adding dormers on the fourth floor, it’s very much keeping the original architecture and character of the building.”


Musser would not say the total cost of the project, but he said they’ve spent over one-million-dollars just on interior improvements.


The rooms are set to be available by the start of the summer.