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New survey looks at Michigan's future economic outlook

Flickr User Nic Redhead

Businesspeople are relatively bullish on Michigan’s economic outlook for 2019, according to a new survey.

That survey was the subject of Tuesday's meeting at the Detroit Economic Club.

It showed faith in Michigan’s short-term economic outlook is higher than the national average.

But it also hints at worries about a possible longer-term slowdown, especially if national issues like trade policy stay unresolved.

Jeff Mason is CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

He admits that’s a possibility.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be a recession, but certainly maybe the velocity of growth isn’t going to be as strong, potentially going forward.”

The survey generally puts Michigan’s economic indicators above national averages.

One exception is faith in the state’s education system, which remains low...and a sticking point for workforce development.