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Gas prices expected to be high this summer

Flickr User John Brosz

Michigan is expecting to see high gas prices this summer, as well as an increase in demand for electricity and natural gases.

Michigan motorists are expected to pay an average of 2.90 a gallon for gas through September. That would be a 49 cent increase from last summer.

The spike is not however, expected to affect travel. State officials said an improving economy is likely to keep people on the roads.

Nick Assendelft is the spokesperson for the Michigan Agency for Energy and Public Service Commission. He said gas isn’t the only thing expected to rise in price and demand.

“The increase in electricity use is going to be up two (point) seven percent for the residential sector, one and a half percent for industrial, and (point) six percent for commercial.”

Assendelft said the increase in demand for electricity and natural gases will likely come with warmer weather leading to more people cooling their homes.

More information on Michigan gas and electricity can be found here