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Parts processing plant being built in Genesee County

Flickr User Karin Dalziel

General Motors’ search for a location for a new parts processing plant, has ended up putting them close to their historic home.

The new plant is being constructed in Burton in Genesee County… about seven miles from GM’s last parts plant in Davison.

Officials said Burton was chosen in large part because city officials were able to secure a tax abatement for the company.

Jim Cain is a spokesman with GM. He said it’s still unknown if the new plant will bring in new employees.  

“There will be in the neighborhood of 650 to 700 employees from the Davison facility moving into this new building. We haven’t announced new hiring or growth plans beyond that, but it’s a new state of the art facility and it was built with the intention of growing with the market.”

Cain said construction begins this month. The plant is expected to open in early 2019.